Verify Supplier HIPAA Compliance

Verify, monitor, and support your supplier's compliance with the HIPAA security rule.

 hipaa self assessment tool

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Trust but Verfiy

Having Doubts About Partner Compliance?


Do they have HIPAA violations?

Do you trust that your partner's are clear of common HIPAA violations such as not performing a risk assessment?

Are they a liability?

Do your current partner's present a unacceptable level of risk to your ePHI?

Do they properly protect ePHI?

Do your partners have a security program robust enough to handle your ePHI?

Proven Track Record

What Our App Accomplishes for You

Determine partner compliance with the HIPAA security rule

Determine which HIPAA security rule requirements your partners have implemented and which ones they are missing.

Track partner compliance from a single dashboard

Easily manage partner or supplier compliance. View their risk reports, compliance progress, and risk management plans.

Identify risky partners and suppliers

Determine if partner's with access to your customer's ePHI are in compliance with the HIPAA security rule.

Help partners become compliant

Your partner's offer great services, don't let HIPAA get in the way of you and your partners doing business. Using the app's automation and our step by step process, your partner's can easily become compliant with the HIPAA security rule.


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