CMMC Gap Analysis

How a Gap Analysis Can Help Your Company Prepare for CMMC

By conducting a third party CMMC gap analysis your company can identify where it currently stands in relation to it’s expected cybersecurity maturity model certification requirements.

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What is a Gap Analysis?

A gap analysis is an action that compares actual performance with what is desired. When speaking in terms of cybersecurity requirements and frameworks a gap analysis identifies your current cybersecurity state in relation to your compliance requirements. So the objective is to identify what your company needs to do to meet its cybersecurity compliance requirements.

What does a CMMC Gap Analysis look like?

The answer is it depends. Some cybersecurity consultants literally use an excel sheet that lists out the required cybersecurity controls and they mark which ones you have implemented and which ones you haven’t. Oftentimes they don’t provide any information on how to mitigate the gaps, you only know which gaps you have. Luckily for you, here at Lake Ridge we do it differently. We developed a web application through which we conduct your CMMC gap analysis. It works by you and your team answering a series of strategically formulated questions about your company’s current cybersecurity program or lack thereof. You then upload artifacts to help support your answers. Our team then reviews your submissions and provides feedback via the app letting you know exactly where and why your company falls short in meeting its CMMC requirements. So you get a custom gap analysis and a gap remediation plan with. We also provide you with a system security plan.

How Much Does a CMMC Gap Analysis Cost?

Prices for a CMMC gap analysis vary based on the cybersecurity maturity model certification (CMMC) level your company is trying to achieve. CMMC level one has 17 CMMC practices that your company needs to implement, where CMMC level 5 has 170. This is why the pricing for a gap analysis for each CMMC level is different. I have heard some outlandish numbers as far as pricing goes for CMMC gap analysis services. Our comptetitive pricing can be found on our pricing page.

How Can a CMMC Gap Analysis Help My Company?

By conducting a CMMC gap analysis your company will know where it currently stands in relation to its CMMC requirements. You may discover that you are already meeting your CMMC requirements and don’t need any or much further action other than undergoing the certification process. On the other hand you may discover that your company has a lot of work to do to prepare for your cybersecurity maturity model certification audit/assessment. If you select us to conduct your CMMC gap analysis then you will know exactly what you need to implement to earn your CMMC. You can either choose to implement any gap remediations using your internal IT staff or work with us on implementation.

How Can You Start Your CMMC Gap Analysis?

The easiest way to get started is to head over to our pricing page and signup for a gap analysis by selecting one of the five levels. If you aren’t sure about which level you need then send us an email at so that we can help you identify which one is the best fit for your company. Most companies will only need to go with CMMC level one or two unless they process controlled unclassified information. Again if you need help, just reach out to us.

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